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Strategic zone planning

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Plan, analyse and create specific, geofenced territories

Flexible territory planning that automates creation of optimised zones based on a wide range of predefined criteria including map regions, load type and size, driver attributes and customer requirements. If more control is needed, you have the option of manually editing territory requirements.

It’s everything your operations lead needs to build optimised territories for your delivery drivers, technicians, or traveling sales team. Easily satisfy business requirements for load balancing, minimising driver overtime and reducing kilometres driven, as well as boosting customer satisfaction with more on-time deliveries and complying with challenging SLAs.

Route planning that fits the unique needs of your fleet

Different businesses have different route planning requirements based around driver attributes, load types and sizes, timezone variations and multiple driver shifts. Customise even further by adding your own data such as vehicle running costs or driver pay rates to help uncover additional savings. It's route planning built just for you.

Plan before you commit

Scenario testing means no more trial and error.

Test drive a variety of scenarios before committing resources. View the expected cost of making changes to existing routes, job times, driver allocation or adding new customers. Use it for planning future resource needs. Got a busy season coming up? Easily see how many drivers and vehicles you'll need to keep up.

Boost customer loyalty

Meet service demands for more customer smiles.

The more flexible you are in handling the unique demands of your customers, the happier they'll be. Whether it's resource planning based on historic volumes, geocentric routes within the territory, revenue balancing or customer driver preference, it'll be a snap to keep customers smiling.

More features. More flexibility.

  • Cloud based

    Web based software (SaaS) offers significant savings on IT and hardware costs and gives your mobile workforce access to critical data, alerts and reports.

  • Flexible territories

    Territories can be based on both geographic (physical zones on a map) and non-geographic factors (workload, route distance or driver availability).

  • Telogis platform

    Combine all your mobile workforce software on a single platform for improved operational efficiency and data sharing. A true end to end connected intelligence platform.

  • Accurate job costing

    Factor in all associated costs when calculating routes – fixed and per kilometre, labour, overtime, even accommodation for overnight trips.

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