Are you wasting fuel?

On average, Telogis customers have experienced a 10-15% reduction of their annual fuel bill due to reducing excessive idling, speeding and drive time.

  • Reduce aggressive driving

    According to the Department of Energy, aggressive driving wastes fuel.

  • Reduce speeding

    Every 8 kph driven over 100 kph represents a 7% decrease in fuel economy.

  • Reduce risk

    Know the speed of your drivers saves you money through lowered fuel consumption and reduced risk.

  • Reduce unnecessary idling

    Telogis' detailed reports record each minute your trucks unnecessarily idle (one hour of idling equals approx. four litres).

  • Reduce resources

    Decrease the number of routes and vehicles required to fill your schedule.

Telogis customers experience an average fuel saving of 25% Frost & sullivan, 2012


Monitor fuel card fraud

With integrated fuel card transactions, you'll be able to report on all fuel card transaction data within Telogis Fleet. Easily analyse trends, opportunities, misuse or maintenance issues that require attention.

Minimise fuel theft

Take steps to reduce fuel theft and eliminate temptation with Telogis fuel management solutions. Vehicle data such as expected or historical MPG and fuel tank capacity can be used to quickly identify irregularities. Alerts can also be setup for fraudulent fuel card transactions, out of route kilometres or unauthorised use.